How to Pick an Orthodontist for Kids


The oral health of your kids is important, so when you want take your time picking the best children’s orthodontist. Whether you want a specialist to fix your kids teeth alignment issues with kids braces or INVISALIGN TEEN, the tips below can help you find the right dentists.


A nice place to start is personal recommendations from friends and family. If you’ve already determined that you want kids braces, then, ask someone that has had their kids receive this kind of treatment to refer you to their orthodontist. The dentists you see should have a nice record and experience with their previous patients.

Look Up Online

You can always go to the when you’re looking for a local specialist. You will certainly see results for so many seemingly qualified dentists, but it helps to compile a list of just a few that you’d like to learn more about. Probe each dentist’s portfolio and figure what their previous patients think about their treatment. Are there positive reviews? What is your prospective dentist’s response to negative reviews?

Initial Consultation

Find out what the cost is for initial consultations for best orthodontist in columbia sc. The majority of orthodontists for kids do acknowledge the need for parents to gather facts and find as much background information as possible before picking a specialist they can trust with the oral care needs of their children. Such dentists may be open to free initial consultations where they’ll answer your questions and provide information on which you can base your final choice.


There are different forms of orthodontia, but there’s a primary qualification for all practitioners in this specialty. Ask your prospective kids orthodontist to provide their academic credentials. The basic requirement for all dentists is a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine. To become an orthodontist, a dentist should complete an orthodontic residency program that may take two to three years.

Degree of Comfort

Visits to the dentists are some of the most dreaded by kids. So, you need to take your kids to a dentist that will prepare your kids well and handle their treatment with concern and calm. You may interview the dentist and measure their attitude toward treatment for kids.

A children’s orthodontist can play a very important role when you want help fixing their misaligned teeth. Typically, invisalign for kids or braces are the remedies that an orthodontist may recommend. Hopefully, you’ll find the right dentist based on the tips above.


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